It’s Time to Start Saving Money on Your Grocery Bills

Grocery Bills

These days everybody is trying to save a little money. The economy may be on its way to recovery, but it seems like it’s still pretty hard to make ends meet. Most families are on a fairly strict budget, and are trying to economize on everything from fuel to clothing to. Like everything else these days, the cost of food continues to rise, and family food budget just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. But there are ways to keep the family food budget under control, without anyone having to sacrifice too many of their favorites. The following tips are designed to help you beat the high prices at the grocery store, so you can save money on your monthly food costs.

Change Your Grocery Shopping Routines

It’s all too easy to pick up some poor shopping habits. After all, you work hard all week and your time is limited. But it’s important to have a sensible grocery shopping routine. Those ‘on the fly’ trips to the market when you’re on the way home from work may seem more convenient, but they are actually helping to increase your monthly food costs. Instead of shopping on the go, shop to a plan. Set a specific day every two weeks to do the bulk of your grocery shopping. Make a detailed list, and stick to it. These major shopping days should focus on staples, and you should look for sales and bulk discounts that can help you save a bit of cash. Once a week you should can do a quick shop for your perishables. Having a strict shopping routine will help you manage your monthly grocery bill, and will help to cut down on any impulse buys.

Pay With Cash

When you write up your shopping list, try to work out an estimate of how much money you will be spending. Before you go to the grocery store, swing by the bank and withdraw just enough money to cover you grocery bill. Leave the credit cards at home. Sure, paying by credit card is convenient, but it also makes it all too easy to go over budget. Studies have shown that people who pay for their groceries with credit, typically spend 15 to 20% more than those who pay with cash.

Weekly Sales

Supermarkets and grocery stores typically run weekly sales. Sometimes these are advertised with a circular in the Sunday paper, sometimes they are advertised online at the store’s website. Either way, you should check to see what’s on sale before you start making your shopping list. If you can make a habit out of shopping the sales, you can start to regularly save money on your grocery bill. Concentrate on those items your family uses the most, and buy in bulk when the price is right. Don’t be afraid to stock up your pantry and freezer when the sales are on.

Get In the Couponing Habit

Coupons area great way to save money on the brands you love. Get in the habit of checking the weekly sales brochures, and clipping out the coupons for the items that you and your family use the most. Another couponing tip to keep in mind – most national brands offer valuable online coupons. To take advantage of these online offers, you typically have to sign up at the manufacturer’s website. But once you have sign up, you’ll get email notifications of valuable coupons that you can download and print out. Don’t be shy. Couponing is a great way to save money on your grocery bill, particularly if you have a local supermarket that sponsors a double coupon day.

Saving money at the grocery store doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to approach it with a plan. If you’re trying to keep your family food budget under control, let these few tips be your guide to big savings.

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