5 Reasons You Should Buy A Farm (Seriously)


The thought of buying a farm will either intrigue a person or make a person run for the hills. It is true that maintaining a farm is hard work. However, this could be some of the most rewarding and satisfactory hard work you’ll ever perform in your life.

Owning your own farm has the potential to be one of the best decisions of your life. Not only from a fulfillment standpoint but also from a financial standpoint. So if you are on the fence about buying your own farm, here are five reasons that might just push you over the edge.

Doubles as Sporting Land

One of the first reasons you should buy a farm is that it can often double as sporting land. Chances are that if you are considering buying a farm, you have a kinship with the outdoors. Through this love, you also may have become infatuated with hunting game. There are a lot of farm lands that also provide ample wooded areas that provide a private hunting oasis.

If owning your own farmland that doubles as hunting grounds intrigues you, there are some main environmental factors that you should consider. First you want to take into account the variety of wildlife species. Even on your own private land, you still must abide by the seasonal hunting laws in your state. Therefore, with a variety of types of wildlife, your hunting season will be extended throughout different parts of the year. You should also try and note the amount and quality of wildlife species throughout the land.

If you are intending on turning your farming land into a hunting land as well, you also need to really examine the quality of the habitat. The variety of topography will provide you with different game as well as ideal hunting conditions. Additionally and most importantly, your land should include some natural water resources. Animals flock to areas with clean running water such as streams and creeks.

Finally, in order to use your farmland as sporting land, you’ll want to consider the tags permitted in the state as well as the adjacent properties to yours. Public lands can often be a deterrent for wildlife because they eventually catch on that that area is open for hunting. It also means the general public will be scaring off the animals that could otherwise relocate to our land.

It Can Provide Income

If you haven’t noticed by now, farmers markets are becoming a huge thing. They have only grown in popularity since the societal banishment of GMO’s and the adoption of buying local ingredients. This is a good thing both for society and for your potential farm.

The increase in demand for fresh, organic, local food sources has really increased the income potential of a farmland property. Consumers are not the only potential income source either. Savvy investors have also taken an interest in purchasing land that is primed for farming. They are willing to purchase the properties at a premium in order to generate income from the production of farm products such as crops and livestock.


Another reason to purchase a farm is to conserve the land. If the land has protected natural scenery or wildlife, this helps to sustain the value of the property. It can become incredibly attractive to investors. If you purchase the land with the intent to conserve specified natural resources you can potentially benefit from easements that provide you with a financial benefit. These easements can include federal income tax breaks for donations, real estate and valorem tax breaks, estate planning and family heritage preservation, and land value improvements due to protected lands that are adjacent.


Another reason you should seriously consider buying a farm is self-sufficiency. Have you ever just stopped to think about how much you rely on other people to survive? This is not to say that relying on other people is a bad thing. People rely on people all the time for a quandary of things. Whether you hire an accountant for your taxes or rely on your hair stylist to recommend a new cut, relying on the expertise of others can be a positive thing.

However, you also rely on your local grocer to provide you with your food. Alternatively, you may rely on a multitude of local restaurants for your meals. These are absolutely needs to survive. Your social life may be affected if your hair turns out horrid, but if your grocer stops stocking its shelves, where will you turn?

A farmland can be a way to become self-sufficient, at least for providing you with one of life’s most basic needs.

Land is in Demand

Finally you should consider buying a farm because land is in high demand. As stated earlier, investors are swarming to opportunities to farm large acres of land. Most of these are turned into real estate developments or some form of commercial production. If you purchase your plot of farmland, you have the potential to seriously make a return on investment in the long run. The world population is growing at an exponential rate. Other than protected lands, you can certainly expect any undeveloped areas to eventually become developed. When those developers come looking to purchase land, you want them to be knocking at your farm door.

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